I am very excited to also be writing books under the name, Ellie Henderson.

These novels are being published by Choc Lit & Joffe Books and the latest one A Summer House on Arran is out now!

Two women looking for a fresh start. An escape to a Scottish island. A summer of sisterhood and second chances . . .

When single mum Kitty is given the chance to house-sit pretty Lilybank Cottage on Arran, she jumps at it. What could be better than a summer on a gorgeous Scottish island?

Except when Kitty arrives, the cottage she has been promised is already occupied by dancer Olivia.

Both have their reasons for staying. Kitty’s only son has flown the nest and now she feels like she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Meanwhile, Olivia is desperate for a fresh start, far away from her former life in New York.

Kitty and Olivia decide to share the little cottage and so begins their summer of rediscovery, friendship and laughter.

Kitty finds herself embracing life again — but could that also be thanks to handsome Logan, aka the Tartan Wanderer, a local tour guide? His intense dark eyes and broad shoulders make her weak at the knees.

But then the past arrives and threatens to overturn everything Kitty and Olivia love about life on Arran. Can their summer of sisterhood overcome the trials of the past and usher in a happy future?


A Christmas Escape to Arran

From living the high life to hitting rock bottom in the space of a few hours . . .

Marketing guru Amelia has it all. She’s tied the knot with Declan, the love of her life, ready to start their perfect future together in London after an idyllic honeymoon in Italy.

Until Amelia loses her job.

And returns home to find a note from Declan, demanding a divorce.

Now she has no job, no husband and no reason to stay in London.

The Isle of Arran seems like the perfect place to lick her wounds and begin again. If there’s anywhere that will help her heal, it’s this beautiful Scottish island.

But a passing van drenching Amelia in water isn’t the best start. Even worse, it belongs to dreamy Scotsman Fergus. His dark eyes make her weak at the knees.

And this is not the time for romance.

Despite Amelia’s best efforts, she finds herself drawn to Fergus. He has his own tragic past, but he makes Amelia feel alive again. Until a face from the past threatens to upend everything . . .

Will Amelia realize her heart belongs to Arran . . . and perhaps to a certain dark-eyed Scotsman?


A Summer Wedding on Arran

Three sisters. One wedding. Infinite possibilities . . .

On the enchanting Isle of Arran, three sisters find themselves at Meadowbank Cottage, their childhood home. But it’s the first time they’ve been together since their mum died.

And now they’re back in Arran for the wedding of middle sister Emma.

Eldest Kirsty is juggling the responsibility for Meadowbank Cottage with an earth-shattering secret she discovers in the attic. She fears she’s beginning to lose herself . . .

Bride-to-be Emma is an ambitious lawyer living and working in Edinburgh. Far from turning into Bridezilla, she’s looking forward to a simple ceremony in a beautiful and meaningful place.

Meanwhile baby sister and wild one Amy lives in Vancouver. But the pull of home is becoming too enticing to ignore. She wonders if she should extend her trip to Arran, maybe even for good . . . And could her old flame James, who works at the whisky distillery on the island, be the person to convince her?

One thing is for sure: there’s going to be lots of laughter and buckets of tears along the way.

But how will the sisters come together when Emma receives some unexpected news?

You can order it here!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I absolutely loved this . . . One of those books you were thinking about when you were not reading.’ Rosamond C.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A fun, refreshing summer vibe book!’ Alexandria W.

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