The Benefits of Creative Writing and Some Feedback from Students

Read more about the magic of words and those who have benefited from creative writing...

Service Users at Women’s Aid East and Midlothian:
  • I really enjoyed coming together with other women, really enjoyed sharing our stories together and it was amazing how many shared experiences we all had.
  • I made my own writing, without even thinking I was doing anything. I’ve got it stuck to my fridge. When I'm down I look at and think - that is me.
  • I was a bit worried about whether or not this would be my thing but it was really good fun. It was more emotional than I expected it to be but that was really positive.
  • I loved it! It wasn’t what I expected but it felt really comfortable and safe - I really enjoyed hearing the other women talk about their pieces. It’s a really good way to connect with other women.
  • Lorna is amazing at showing us that we have a writer inside of us.
  • It gave me the inspiration to start writing again.
Creative Writing for Self-Development Workshop for Doctoral Researchers (Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities, Summer School)

What did you benefit most from?

  • Hard to measure or evaluate on these terms, it was a welcome break from other ways of writing, a breath of fresh air, a walk.
  • Therapeutic nature of exercises.
  • Even though it’s not related to my research, I enjoyed using creative writing as a way to be more effective in research.
  • I’m going to read Clark’s poetry because of this workshop.
  • Exercises to stimulate your creative side.
  • I liked the chance to explore different kinds of writing in a supportive environment – it was brilliant.
  • It was a lovely space to share thoughts and think about a different way of writing.
  • It was a nice, contemplative session. Lorna was lovely and very supportive.
Undergraduate Students at Stirling University
  • Lorna is extremely helpful with any queries or concerns. Her passion for the subject shines through and inspires the students in her care which makes it a pleasure to be in her class.
  • Lorna is an exceptional tutor who goes above and beyond to support and guide her students. She imparts her wisdom and inspiration onto her students and her passion for the subject shines through. She takes care to make sure that everybody in her class feels supported and welcome through creating a relaxed, yet productive, learning environment.